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SixSails isn’t just a company applying knowledge to its three core functions—it is also a community of nearly seven hundred employees spread across the world. Because we sell to global consumers, we find and hire the best people around the world, no matter where they live. We are a multi-shore company because becoming an integrated, global team improves what we do.

SixSails Technology India (SSTI), our office in Faridabad, Haryana, spearheads the operations that make our day-to-day business happen. Our brands have employees spread as far as the United Kingdom, Shanghai, and the Philippines, but SSTI lends financial, personnel, production, and development support to them all. After all, overcoming the problems of buyers anywhere requires us to hire and develop the best people anywhere.

How SSTI Applies Knowledge Across the SixSails Portfolio

Our Indian team is one of the key centers of SixSails, because our brands collaborate with SSTI to support their core services and products quickly and efficiently. We’re a team that pools and applies knowledge across three continents. That requires integration, one of the informal but key SixSails values.

BCC Research Draws from SSTI Analysts

BCC Research, for one, works intensively with editors and analysts among the SSTI staff to create their premier market research reports. Their contacts and analysis support BCC’s products, specifically to develop the schedule for publishing reports, select the major report titles, and identify the major market players that should appear in the reports.

Certitrek Relies on SSTI for Its High-Quality IT Input

Certitrek draws IT and marketing support from SSTI. Because Certitrek products are web-based education programs, the Indian team includes both IT managers and developers to supply the websites’ daily support and long-term programming. Once they’ve helped create the sites, SSTI developers then implement best marketing practices to promote them. Certitrek gains high-quality services from working with SSTI, and so do its customers.

Engaged Media Creates Its Omni-Media Offerings with SSTI Operations

Meanwhile, Engaged Media leans on the SSTI marketing team to fine-tune magazine subscriptions and optimize its websites. To serve its current audiences and reach new ones, Engaged Media harnesses more print and digital channels than ever before. And so SSTI gives the brand more operational support than ever before, while also collaborating with the editorial and digital teams to create and send ads, newsletters, websites, and sales material for both consumers and advertisers.

Our SSTI Leaders

Ritesh Garg

Director of Finance

Prashant Upadhyaya

CEO/Portfolio Manager

Sonal Mehta

Director of Operations

Siddharth Chaturvedi

Finance Controller, Marketing and Media Group

Rajni Bisht

Director of Operations and Finance, Market Research Group

Pinaki Bhattacharya

Vice President of Portfolio Operations

SixSails Technology India Is Full of People, Not Just Teams

As essential as our SSTI members are as employees, they’re also people building relationships among themselves. Whether the work is in-person or virtual, the community stays friendly and committed.

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