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About Us

All businesses face obstacles. We have the knowledge and
personnel to overcome them.

What We Do

SixSails applies knowledge to deliver results. What our team knows how to do is our chief value, and we give that knowledge to our brands to support their operations, growth, and profitability. We can give sales training, financial analysis, personnel support, strategic direction, and other guidance to our brands as they need them. The experiences of our people form the best-practice knowledge that we can give to any team in our company.

Since our founding in 2011, we have acquired and guided several brands toward our core functions in Market and Customer Insights, Security and Interoperability, and Knowledge and Process Certification. In the lifecycle of many businesses, they may reach a point when they grow large enough to lose their former innovative ability—that’s where SixSails steps in to help its brands, often through turnarounds but also with long-term consulting. The knowledge of our team empowers our brands, no matter their size or status, to better serve their customers.

The SixSails Values

CEO Scott Hall drew the name “SixSails” name from his background as a seven-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard. The name references the six values Scott and the leadership team cultivate at SixSails—excellence, accountability, autonomy, profitability, honesty, and loyalty. When a ship embarks, it can only sail with stability and speed when all its sails fully catch the wind. The same is true for our brands, when they fully optimize the “six sails” of our values and improve the services that their customers need.


We hire great people and give them the operational support they need to be successful in their respective spheres, all while coaching them without micromanaging them.


We encourage and develop our high-performing employees no matter their seniority, so that they can grow their personal careers and improve our collective performance.


We value clear, measurable metrics that we can use hold ourselves accountable to one another and to our customers.


We believe facing the facts of our decisions. Dealing honestly with our brands, partners and customers builds an environment where we can trust one another.


We deliver excellence to our peers, partners, and customers.


We operate our business and brands profitably, to then invest into our people, strategies, and products.

SixSails at a Glance


SixSails Technology India

SixSails isn’t just a company applying knowledge to its three core functions—it is also a community of nearly seven hundred employees spread across the the world. Because we sell to global consumers, we find and hire the best people around the world, no matter where they live. We’ve become a multi-shore company because what we learn and do improves when “we” means an integrated, global team.

SixSails Technology India (SSTI), our office in Faribadad, Haryana, spearheads many of the operations that make our day-to-day business happen. Our brands keep offices and key employees as far as the United Kingdom, Shangai, and the Philippines, but SSTI lends financial, human resources, media production, and web development support to teams around the company. Its Indian team has evolved to become one of the key centers of SixSails, and just about every SixSails employee collaborates with SSTI members. After all, overcoming the problems of buyers anywhere  requires us to hire and develop the best people anywhere.

How does collaboration with SSTI happen? It depends on the day. BCC Research, for instance, works intensively with editors and analysts among the SSTI staff to create their premier market research reports. Their contacts and analysis support BCC’s products , specifically to develop the schedule for publishing reports, select the major report titles, and identify the major market players that should appear in the reports. This example is only one of many, as our SSTI operations support all the services and products that meet our core functions.

We’re a global team that joins its offices across three continents to pool and apply knowledge, all for our worldwide services. That requires integration, one of our informal but key SixSails values.

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