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Since 1971, BCC Research has provided market research with a boutique touch to academic libraries, companies, and innovation teams around the globe. Learn more about the industry-leading insights that its 6,000 subscribing customers receive.

As the home of vibrant lifestyle magazines and websites for a range of devoted readers, Engaged Media reaches and builds niche audiences with both skill and profitability. Its 50 years of bringing physical publications to readers now inform its nimble digital offerings.

ShopperLocal is a marketing brand that serves countless small businesses with both print and digital strategies that creatively target their customer bases. Its pool of clients includes behemoths like Harris Teeter and Dollar General, but its solutions for reaching consumers are agile and hyperlocal.

Since the 1980s, this market-research consulting brand has prepared its clients to harness consumer electronics, digital imaging, media and entertainment options, broadcast equipment, and other innovative technologies. Our Futuresource employees operate in London, Shanghai, and India, and their full array of services is equally diverse.

Certitrek guides several professional and continuing education certifications toward high-quality service recognized across the financial, information technology, supply-chain management, and long-term care industries. Its array of educational content sets ever-higher standards for how professionals can serve their customers and businesses.

Drummond Group has earned global recognition for its leading healthcare IT, testing, certification, compliance, and interoperability services since 1999. Its comprehensive services have helped it gain an 85% market share and more than 500 clients in healthcare, financial, and other regulated industries.

EG Media, your gateway to passion-driven communities, proudly serves enthusiasts in Equine, Hobby Farms, Special Interest, and Lifestyle Living Spaces. As trailblazers in niche content, we deliver expertise, invaluable resources, and captivating content that educates, unites, and entertains our vibrant communities. Our commitment extends beyond information – we foster a unique sense of belonging among enthusiasts. Through wildly popular publications like the ‘Hobby Farms’, ‘Chickens’, ‘Horse Illustrated’, ‘Young Rider’, ‘Atomic Ranch’, ‘Western Life Today’, ‘American Farmhouse Style’, ‘Rock & Gem’, ‘Coinage’ and much sought after special interest publications, we cater to half a million reader interactions every year. Connecting with our readers on the platform of their choice – whether it is print, online, mobile, or real-world experiential events. With an expansive portfolio, we not only capture the essence of these niche pursuits but also provide a channel for our communities to engage and contribute. EG Media creates an enriching journey where expertise meets entertainment, and where enthusiasts discover a community that truly understands and celebrates their unique passions. 

We’ve built Geotarget into one of the country’s most respected targeted advertising solutions. We’ve done that by consistently delivering meaningful results that power growth and bring companies closer to their customers.

Practice Builders is a leading healthcare digital marketing agency that has been empowering nearly 16,000 healthcare professionals since 1979. We offer strategic and tailored marketing solutions, analyzing market trends and patient behavior to create patient-centric campaigns. Our team offers a suite of services, including healthcare digital marketing, online reputation management, branding, and video content creation. We use cutting-edge technologies to ensure effective and future-proof marketing strategies. The main goal is to help healthcare professionals thrive in a competitive and dynamic online environment.