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EG Media, your gateway to passion-driven communities, proudly serves enthusiasts in Equine, Hobby Farms, Special Interest, and Lifestyle Living Spaces. As trailblazers in niche content, we deliver expertise, invaluable resources, and captivating content that educates, unites, and entertains our vibrant communities. Our commitment extends beyond information – we foster a unique sense of belonging among enthusiasts. Through wildly popular publications like the ‘Hobby Farms’, ‘Chickens’, ‘Horse Illustrated’, ‘Young Rider’, ‘Atomic Ranch’, ‘Western Life Today’, ‘American Farmhouse Style’, ‘Rock & Gem’, ‘Coinage’ and much sought after special interest publications, we cater to half a million reader interactions every year. Connecting with our readers on the platform of their choice – whether it is print, online, mobile, or real-world experiential events. With an expansive portfolio, we not only capture the essence of these niche pursuits but also provide a channel for our communities to engage and contribute. EG Media creates an enriching journey where expertise meets entertainment, and where enthusiasts discover a community that truly understands and celebrates their unique passions.