3622 Lyckan Parkway, Suite 3003, Durham NC 27707

Carrie Rubalcaba

Human Resources Director


As HR Director for SixSails, Carrie oversees the human resources needs for all its different brands, constantly adapting her work to their different circumstances in service of all our employees. Her multifaceted expertise includes change management, policy development, compliance training, and candidate sourcing and evaluation. But some of Carrieā€™s most instrumental work is in bringing team trainings to leaders and managers around SixSails, to equip them to become more effective for their teams. Through these trainings, Carrie gives them the tools for gaining and applying knowledge.

Prior to joining SixSails, Carrie earned her MPA from the University of New Mexico and worked for Albuquerque Public Schools. The spirit of learning she led in education administration have prepared her well to learn, coordinate, and teach her peers across SixSails.