Security and Interoperability

Our Security and Interoperability function streamlines two of the most important mechanisms of American medical care: patient safety and healthcare data.

They each need efficiency and compliance, and SixSails services bring both to health organizations around the globe.

The Security and Interoperability brands include:

Drummond Group
Worldwide Staffing

Drummond Group has earned global recognition for its leading healthcare IT, testing, certification, compliance, and interoperability services since 1999. Its comprehensive services have helped it gain an 85% market share and more than 500 clients in healthcare, financial, and other regulated industries.

This startup brand sells compliance and auditing-program management software to over 340 major American health systems, all with its fine-tuned message of simplification. Its customers use Healthicity’s simplified solutions to better secure their patients’ medical care.

Worldwide Staffing coordinates the hiring of top-tier medical professionals for nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers, and private-duty care homes. After COVID-19 demonstrated our absolute need for quality medical workers, Worldwide’s sweeping options have grown more significant to companies around the globe.