Sean Stallings

Leader, Certification Group


Sean’s strong technical acumen, experience as a software entrepreneur, and background in business intelligence makes him well suited to grow our certification group. He is the Portfolio Manager at Certitrek, guiding and refining the certifications that the brand owns. However, his depth of experience across software development, finance, sales, and marketing enables him to work every part of Certitrek’s business as needed. He initially joined the brand in 2017 before taking charge of its operations as Portfolio Manager in 2018.

Sean’s multifaceted leadership comes directly from his background in software development and in founding (and leading) companies himself. After refining his development skill as a top software engineer for leading Fortune 500 companies like AOL and Corning Incorporated, Sean founded Local Social, Inc. in 1999 and led its operations as CEO until 2019. Like many of the key leaders at SixSails, he has long applied and perfected the adaptive mindset that nimble entrepreneurship requires.