Miranda Satterly

Product Director


Miranda leads digital development for websites and products across SixSails, often working with stakeholders and developers to design, launch, or revamp websites. However, before she creates or redesigns anything, Miranda assesses the brands’ websites to chart how their user experience could improve—all with an eye to helping convert customers online.

Her role in improving existing digital products, while also launching new ones, began in 2016 when Miranda was a marketing intern with BCC Research, a SixSail brands she still works on. She moved from her design work to ultimately completing her Master’s dissertation (from Regent’s University London in Marketing Psychology) with a study of user experience on the BCC website. She would help rebuild the website according to the study’s findings, before moving on to help other SixSails teams that need the same fine-detail assistance in branding, website creation, user experience, and user journey.