Ann Jacoby

Leader, Market and Customer Insight


Ann leads BCC Research and Futuresource, two leading Market and Customer Insight brands at SixSails. In her dual role, she leads the overall culture, strategy, and direction through regular collaboration with the sales, finance, marketing, and operations staff. Under Ann’s direction, these Market and Customer Insight brands are increasing their profitability, pioneering new research avenues, offering inventive subscription models, and improving their opportunity for future growth.

Ann’s work as Insight Leader today began when she joined BCC Research in 2010, as the director of client solutions. After overseeing sales operations in that role (and later as vice president of revenue), she became CEO of BCC Research in 2018. Her successful development of the company enabled her to also extend and lead Futuresource in early 2020. In every position she has held with SixSails, Ann has cultivated culture, strategy, and direction as crucial to the company’s success. That foresight is why her colleagues look to her leadership in marketing, sales, competitive analysis, and other crucial operations.