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BCC Research

Since 1971, BCC Research has provided market research that addresses economic, scientific, and technological insights on market sizing, growth opportunities, technologies, and supply chains.

BCC Research’s 600,000 active customers rely on our reports to lead strategy in corporate, academic, and commercialization markets. They can choose from multiple purchase options ranging from one-time, single report sales, to custom reports, to subscription packages. BCC’s high-renewing subscription business provides predictable, fast-growing revenue streams. Our subscriber base is strong and diversified, with our top ten customers providing only seven percent of revenue. Our academic subscription market is particularly strong, renewing at 95 percent.

The market research insights and information industry has grown steadily over the last 10 years. Markets surrounding technology and wellness have seen significant upticks. Total industry revenue was approximately $4.2 billion in 2019. Forecasts estimate the market will grow continue to grow, hitting $4.5 billion by 2023.

Hundreds of new market research firms have formed recently to grab market share in this lucrative and growing market. BCC Research has a strong toehold as we continue to innovate and grow. Our 50-year, trusted name provides reliability and credibility in a buyer beware marketplace. 


Futuresource is a market research consulting company that specializes in consumer electronics (CE), digital imaging, media and entertainment, broadcast equipment, educational equipment, storage media, and professional displays.

Since the 1980s, Futuresource has delivered its clients in-depth analysis and forecasts on strategic positioning, market trends, competitive forces, and technological developments. Clients around the globe rely on Futuresource to help them produce the best possible results for their businesses.

Much like its sister company in our portfolio, BCC [internal link], Futuresource offers a range of access models for clients—custom research, subscriptions, business intelligence platforms, and one-on-one consulting.

The outlook for the markets that Futuresource serves is rosy, especially as the demand for audiovisual technology accelerates during the pandemic and in our post-pandemic world. Among the market sectors that are thriving are education technology, consumer electronics and entertainment.

Futuresource is well-positioned to build on previous successes. The company has a client base that include leading tech businesses such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Eason, Dell and Intel. Together, its top 10 clients contribute only 35% of annual revenue, indicating a diversified client base. And, 62% of revenue comes from annual subscriptions, a recurring business.​

Fleet Assist

Fleet Assist is a technology and data-led supply chain services provider in the automotive sector. Based in the United Kingdom, Fleet Assist supplies vehicles and provides service, maintenance, and repair (SMR) services. Fleet Assist sells ‘Atlas,’ an award-winning data and task management platform designed for fleet administration.

Fleet Assist manages multiple, diverse supply chains, including a network of more than 5,000 franchised and non-franchised garages—the largest in the UK. Atlas, its proprietary intelligent platform, is capable of analyzing a database of more than (pound sign) 2.5 billion in vehicle SMR transactions.

Because there are such high barriers to entry, Fleet Assist has few competitors, as well as ample opportunities to build market share. Another plus: a diversified customer base that includes leasing companies, franchised and non-franchised garages, independent garages, rental companies, and OEMs.

The market outlook for Fleet Assist’s vehicle supply services is good, as the vehicle rental market innovates and more drivers choose to rent rather than buy. The SMR services business is also poised to grow, as customers become more aware of the benefits of outsourcing these services in order to simply regulatory compliance and to hit yield management targets.