Knowledge and Process Certification

The Knowledge and Process Certification function at SixSails serves buyers across several industry segments by building the knowledge and aptitude of their employees.

Many professionals today seek training options outside of traditional university settings, and so these SixSails brands have heightened the quality of their certifications to match the rising demand.

The Knowledge and Process Certification brands include:


Just as SixSails supports its brands, Certitrek guides several professional and continuing education certifications toward high-quality service recognized across the financial, information technology, supply-chain management, and long-term care industries. Its array of educational content sets ever-higher standards for how professionals can serve their customers and businesses.

Certitrek includes, among others:

  • The Certification for Long-Term Care (CLTC) certifies and educates insurance, financial services, law, and accounting professionals about the crucial need to plan for long-term care certification for insurance and accounting professionals
  • TheĀ Certified Wireless Network Professionals (CWMP)is the only vendor-neutral certification that equips IT professionals to specify, design, and manage wireless LAN infrastructure and applications for any vendor solution.